Dear Customers,


We have exciting product news to share with you!  But first, we want to thank you for choosing Silo to secure your access to the web. We have now served over 4 million secure web sessions!

We also thank you for sharing your feedback on how to make Silo even better. Based on your input, we have made some changes to Silo that enhance the user experience.

The new Silo, scheduled for release in the coming weeks, is brandable, easier to personalize, and more intuitive. The focus of this release is on these interface improvements. Silo and Toolbox will continue to deliver the same core capabilities and security architecture as you have currently deployed. 


Customers can brand and customize Silo. You can use your company logo, specify the primary brand color to display across Silo, have a custom title and a background. 


Users can select and save their own homepage. Managed through the existing policy framework, Administrators have full control of this capability including the ability to provision and manage a specific homepage to users.

Familiar Tabbed Interface

We are bringing the familiar, free-form tabbed interface to Silo. Users will not have to worry about the clustering of open tabs in web application groups. They can traverse through their open tabs without having to keep track of ad hoc tab groups.  

Simplified Web Application Management

We eliminated the need to provision web apps for users and for users to look through a large catalog. Instead, the users will be presented with dialogs at the time they visit a new website to store their credentials. They will continue to save passwords and auto-login to shortcuts as needed. The saved web application “Shortcuts” will be available right from the main browser toolbar.

Improved Usability

To make the most used capabilities easily accessible, we have made the following changes to the browser toolbar.

New Tabs: redesigned from scratch, New Tabs, will show you the most recently used web apps. It also provides you with a quick way to go to Bookmarks or History.

Secure Storage: is only a single click away and present throughout a browsing session from the main browser toolbar. 

Shortcuts: readily available from the main browser toolbar area; clicking on this opens a dedicated Shortcuts page.

User Profile: users can see their username and Silo egress IP address from the browser toolbar; additional user details are also only a click away.

Bookmarks, Downloads, History: have all been completely revamped and open in a tab within the browser. No more having to look for windows opening behind the browser to go through this information.

We are confident these new features will enhance your Silo experience. However, we know these are significant changes, and we want to provide you with timely communication to understand the changes and help you increase adoption. 

If you have any comments or questions about the upcoming changes, please email us at Stay tuned for more updates on when these changes go live.


The Authentic8 Team