This page provides resource links for WebGL enabling/disabling, monitoring and troubleshooting.

General WebGL
              WebGL 1 needs to show green.
        Check chrome://gpu to see if WebGL is available.
        If above step shows "Unavailable" for WebGL, go to chrome://flags and click "Enable" for "Override software rendering list."

        If WebGL not detected working, go to about:config and set "webgl.force-enabled" to true.
Blacklists - check here to see if your specific hardware configuration may be blacklisted on Chrome and Firefox.
Windows VM issues
   1. FireFox ESR 45.9 has WebGL disabled by default.
        You can enable it by going to about:config and set webgl.force-enabled to true.
        Probably webgl.disable should be false also, but seems to be by default.

Additional Notes

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.