The Authentic8 Silo Access Portal extends the feature set of Silo by further integrating Silo into the desktop by giving you an easy way to launch the Silo secure browser directly from a page which you can bookmark in your traditional browser. When configured properly, if a user navigates to the Silo Access Portal and executes an internet search, enters a URL, or presses a preconfigured Webapp shortcut icon, the search, URL, or the shortcut execution will be initiated in Silo. Additionally, enterprise users have the ability to brand the Silo Access Portal to match the enterprise look and feel.

When combined with Silo’s SAML integration, the Silo Access Portal is the initiation point for the SAML authentication step.

User Guide

If you want the user guide, please visit the Silo Access Portal User Guide page.  

Silo Access Portal Configuration

To enable Silo Access Portal, open the Admin Console and navigate to

Access & Authentication --> Silo Access Portal

At this page, you should configure three parameters

  1. Launch Type The portal is available in two modes:
    Launch Only: This mode allows the user to launch their Silo session from the portal. In this configuration, no webapp shortcut launches or internet searches can be performed in the Silo Access Portal.   
    Launch and Sync: 
    This mode allows the user to launch their Silo session by executing a search or launch a webapp shortcut (if configured) 
  2. Silo Access Portal URL This is a custom URL that your users will go to when accessing the Silo Access Portal 
  3. Silo Access Portal Message A custom greeting for your users when they access the Silo Access Portal.   

Configure your options and press save.   

Silo Access Portal Branding

The Silo Access Portal can be configured with branding components to match the look and feel of your organization. To make these changes, navigate to the Access Portal Branding section in the Admin Console

Once here, you may configure the Logo, Key Color, Header, and Background components of the Silo Access Portal.

Test Your Configuration

Use the instructions for end users in the Silo Access Portal User Guide to test your configuration.

Additional Notes

Please Contact Authentic8 Support if you have additional questions or concerns.