The Authentic8 Silo Access Portal extends the feature set of Silo by giving you an easy way to launch the Silo secure browser directly from a page which you can bookmark in your traditional browser. When configured properly, if a user navigates to the Silo Access Portal and executes an internet search, enters a URL, or presses a preconfigured Webapp shortcut icon, the search, URL, or the shortcut execution will be initiated in Silo.

Administrator Guide

Visit the Silo Access Portal Admin Guide for more information on how to configure this feature.    


In order to use the Silo Access Portal the following must be true

  1. You must have Silo Installed. Usually, your IT department has taken care of this, if not, please contact them to get this installed. If you are installing this on a non-IT controlled computer, you may download the software here.   
  2. Your Silo admin must have enabled the Silo Access Portal. Visit the Silo Access Portal Admin Guide for more information 
  3. You should have been given a link to the portal from your IT admin. However, it is still possible to access your organization’s Silo Access Portal by using your user ID also, see below for details.   

Accessing The Silo Access Portal

Normally, your Silo administrator will give you a link directing you to your organization’s Silo Access Portal page. For example, your link may look like this https://getsilo.com/for/dundermifflin/.

First time login

If you have not been given a link or don’t have access to it, you may navigate to this page: https://getsilo.com/ You should see a page like this:

From this page, you may enter your login ID (usually your email address) and choose to save the login on this page for up to 30 days. If you are using a public computer it is recommended that you uncheck this box. 

After pressing Sign In, you will be redirected to your personal Silo Access Portal page.

Launch Authentic8 From the Silo Access Portal 

Once you are on this page, you may choose to enter a URL or search term in the omnibar or you may launch a saved webapp shortcut. Please note, that when you arrive at this page for the first time, you will not have your webapp shortcuts loaded. You must synchronize them to see them.

Note: Some customers do not have access to saved shortcuts. Please check with your Silo admin for more information.

How to Sync your shortcuts

Press the plus sign in the page and the Saved Shortcuts page will open: 

From this page you should press Sync Shortcuts. SIlo will launch and you will need to authenticate to sync your shortcuts.

Note: Before Silo launches, you may be asked for permission to associate this execution with Silo, you should approve this permanently.

The Silo widget should be displayed as Silo launches:

Authentication Methods

Once you have launched Silo using any of the methods above, There are one of three ways to authenticate to Silo.

  1. For SAML SSO users: users will directly login to Silo. No further authentication is required.
  2. For Deferred PIN users one of two things will happen:
    a) If a URL or search term is entered, then Silo will launch appropriately
    b) If Sync Shortcuts is selected, then Silo will request a PIN to continue 
  3. For all other users: users will need to enter a PIN to access Silo.

Note: Please contact your Silo administrator for more information.

Subsequent Logins

Once you have synced shortcuts for the first time, launching webapp shortcuts can be done by simply pressing the shortcut. If you are using PIN authentication, you will need to authenticate to SIlo each time. SAML SSO users will not need to enter a PIN.

Additional Information

If you need further assistance please contact your local Silo administrator or contact Authentic8 Support.