Silo is an on-demand, remote, disposable browsing environment which executes browser code without taxing or exposing local resources.  The Rich Media Support enhancement to the service allows users to view full motion video with audio through the Silo and Toolbox browsers. A number of source encodings for the video format are supported, and cross-converted into a single encoding delivered to the client device.  We endeavor to have this capability provide a similar user experience to native browsing, with exceptions for latency.

More Details

Authentic8’s Rich Media Support design transcodes rich media rendered in the browser execution environment into an benign H.264 stream that is delivered to the client in a secure and safe manner.  Authentic8’s solution supports streaming media formats that are either embedded in HTML and rendered by the browser natively or via the presence of browser plugins such as Flash or VLC.

Supported Media Input Formats

With this release the following media formats can be transcoded and delivered to the Silo and Toolbox clients:

Video Formats


Audio Formats

  • WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, and AIFF

Supported Media Output Format

  • All transcoded media returned to the client is a benign H.264 stream

Configuration For Silo for Teams (Enterprise) Customers

Three plugin configuration options can be made for Rich Media:

  1. Flash - enables control over Flash behavior in Silo
  2. Media - enables control over the other supported media types.  (see above)
  3. Java - enables control over the behavior of embedded Java in Silo

To make changes to these settings, access the Plugin Settings section of the Admin Console and select Edit:

You should now see three controls for each plugin type:

Make changes as desired and press Save.

Configuration For Silo For Individuals Customers

If you are using Silo for Individuals, your media settings are set by Authentic8 and cannot be changed.  Here are the settings:

  1. Flash - Active
  2. Media Plugins - Click to Activate
  3. Java Plugin - Inactive

Client Software Upgrade

The Rich Media Release requires a client upgrade.  The upgrade procedure will vary depending on your desktop configuration

  1. If you are a SIlo for Teams user, you should contact your local administrator or helpdesk to obtain the new software.
  2. If you are a Silo for Individuals User, you can upgrade your client by following this procedure:
  • Open the Silo login window
  • Click the gear icon in the lower left of this window and select Check For Updates:

Additional Notes

Supported Platforms - Currently, the Rich Media Release is supported for Silo Windows and Mac OS clients.  Linux and iOS customers should expect new versions in the near future.  

Please contact Support if you have additional questions.