The Silo portal provides a convenient way to securely launch provisioned web accounts in Silo from a portal in your local browser. You can access the portal from any browser on any computer by navigating to www.getsilo.com.

This document is a quick reference guide for using the portal, and troubleshooting any problems you might run into along the way.


5 Steps to getting started

Step 1

Once your Admin has configured the portal, you will receive instructions to access it from your local browser.

The URL to access the portal could be in one of two forms:

Generic: https://getsilo.com


Custom: https://getsilo.com/for/name

You can sign-in from either URL, the only difference might be in branding between the generic portal and the custom portal.

Step 2

The first time you access the portal from a new computer, you’ll be prompted to download and install Silo. Make sure you follow the instructions to correctly install the application:

On Mac: Run the dmg file, drag the application over to the Applications folder.

On Windows: Run the exe file, go through the installation wizard steps.

Step 3

Now you’ve downloaded and installed Silo, click Next on the portal, and you’ll be prompted to enter your username on the sign-in page. The first time you launch Silo from the portal, you’ll be presented with a browser dialog box to approve this action. Each browser has its own wording for this notification, but in all cases you should approve the action and select always do this.

The “Remember me for 30 days” button controls if web shortcuts will be displayed on your portal page, and it is checked by default. If you are using your own computer, leave it this way. If you’re a guest on someone else’s computer, or you’re using a public computer, then uncheck this box.

As an added security measure, you’ll be asked to sign-in again and re-validate your portal every 30 days.

Step 4

Once you’ve entered your username and hit sign-in, the portal page will launch Silo. If you’re a first time user, you’ll be asked to configure your account by selecting a PIN. If you’re an existing user you’ll be asked to authenticate by entering your PIN.

Once you’ve authenticated to Silo for the first time, shortcuts to your provisioned web apps will be displayed on the portal page (if your Admin has enabled this capability). You can now click any web shortcut in the portal and it will be securely opened within Silo.

For easy easy access in the future, make sure you bookmark this portal page or make it the default home page for your browser.

If you have selected Remember me when logging in, then your web shortcuts will remain on the portal page even after you have quit the Silo session.

Step 5

Your portal is setup and you can return to it at any time and click a web shortcut to launch Silo. If you want to use Silo from another computer -- just repeat steps 1-4, making sure to uncheck the Remember me button if you’re a guest user.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

The portal page is not loading correctly.

Your browser and operating system may not be supported. Below is the list of current supported configurations:


Microsoft Edge 25

Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11

Google Chrome (latest version)

Firefox (latest version)

Mac OSX:

Safari 8 (on Yosemite)

Safari 7 (on Mavericks)

Google Chrome (latest version)

Firefox (latest version)

Note: Your browser also need to have JavaScript enabled in order for portal to load.

Silo won’t launch from the portal page.

Make sure you have the latest version of Silo installed. If you’re unsure, simply download and install it again by clicking the Get Silo link on the portal or visit www.authentic8.com/get.

If you have the latest version of Silo installed and you still can’t launch Silo from the portal, make sure you select “yes” and “always do this” when prompted by your local browser as it launches Silo for the first time.

My web app icons don’t appear on the portal page.

Your web app icons will only appear if your Admin has enabled the portal and after you’ve launched Silo for the first time and entered your PIN.

My web app icons don’t persist on the portal page, they disappear after I quit the browser.

Make sure you leave the Remember me box checked when signing in. This will ensure that your web shortcuts are displayed on the portal (for 30 days).

I need to sign out of the portal because I’m using someone else’s computer.

When you’re logging in from a computer other than your own, it’s best to uncheck the Remember me box. If you forget to do that, then you can always select Forget Me from the menu in the top right of the portal. This will sign out of the portal and stop displaying your web shortcuts.

Additional Notes

Please contact Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.