The Authentic8 Toolbox web app has provisioning settings that allow the admin to specify the browser region, egress location, and custom message bar.


Toolbox Browser Location controls the region where the server that runs the Toolbox browser is located. By default, the datacenter location for the Toolbox browser will be the same as defined by the org level policy for the Silo browser. This can be adjusted by selecting an alternative location from the list of locations.


Toolbox Egress Location controls the region where your traffic will enter the Internet (and what visited web sites will see as the source for your traffic). For example, a user in California can have his traffic appear as if it is coming from Tokyo or Brazil. If the egress location is not customized, traffic will come from the same data center used by Silo.


Toolbox Message Bar* controls the message bar that will be displayed when the Toolbox browser is run. The following settings can be adjusted:

  • Display: Administrators have the option to activate or deactivate the Message Bar for users or let users control the ability to activate or deactivate.

  • Toolbox Message: Display a customized message in the Message Bar. Limited to 100 characters. If an org level Message Bar Policy is configured, both messages will be shown and each is limited to 100 characters.

  • Text & Background Color: Customize the Text and Background colors of the Message Bar for the Toolbox Browser. Colors can be entered in Hex Value or selected from a palette of 40 colors

  • Display Browser Location Information Displays the region of the data center the Toolbox Browser is being run in as well as the egress location. Can be enabled or disabled. If disabled, Message Bar will only display custom message (if applicable) and browser info (if message bar is expanded by the user).


* This setting is independent from the org level Message Bar policy setting.


Browser Fingerprint Controls Features specific to the browser's web server facing configuration. See Browser Fingerprint Management for more information.

Plugins sets the preferences related to how the browser handles Flash and Java. There are two separate controls in the menu, one for Flash and one for Java

Users allows the admin to see the users who will be impacted by the configuration changes.


Note: Only one browser location and one egress location can be assigned to a Toolbox app instance. Additional Toolbox app instances can be created if the administrator would like to have different browser/egress locations. The best practice for multiple toolbox apps is to provide a unique name to the app to help differentiate for other admins and users. For example, put the Egress location in the App Name. (Toolbox USA & Toolbox Brazil). The Toolbox app can be renamed by clicking on the Edit Icon  .